Screen halo?
I know this is an old thread, just hoping this helps anyone who runs into the same issue...

I just had the same issue with my Pinebook Pro (early 2020). I closed the lid to suspend to suspend the machine, and when I reopened it a few hours later, the screen was garbled and there was a pronounced "halo" effect around the edges, just like the OP. After rebooting, the screen was no longer garbled, but the halo effect persisted and on dark screens there appeared to be burn-in from one of the windows I had open. I suspect it never suspended... Fortunately, I gave one of those LCD burn-in fix videos a try. After about an hour and a half, everything was completely back to normal. Woohoo!

Here's the one I used, but I suspect any in full screen with the right aspect ratio would work too.

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