Pinebook 11.6" 1080P Performance
I am very disappointed in the performance of my brand-new Pinebook.

I am only talking about the Web browser (Chromium), which takes a full second to display each character I'm typing here!

Typing in the terminal and in Kate is acceptably snappy.

Does anybody else notice this sluggishness?

Oh, and videos on Youtube are sluggish too, but of course I'm viewing Youtube in a Chromium window.
I don’t use Chromium but the pre-installed firefox.
that seems to be ok.
not groundbreaking fast but definately not 1sec per keystroke slow.

I occasionally had some processes running that used a lot of cpu resources 
discovery for example use 50% although I had closed it.

Maybe you can look if some processes clog up the cpu?
@Surehand53 - Thank you for the reply.

How can I "look if some processes clog up the cpu"?

I ran htop, didn't see any obvious hog.
This is why I finally sold my 14" Pinebook. It was usable for playing with Linux, but not for real work neither web browsing. I can realize that fullHD resolution should be even slower than normal HD resolution.

edit: maybe you should disable spell checker in Chromium, if you have it enabled.

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