KDE Neon problems persisting (1080)
It seems like there was an update in the last couple of days which fixed the GPU driver as far as SMPlayer is concerned at least. The window draw seems to be corrupted but that's no big deal. The contents are rendered properly now.

I just ended up turning off the option to turn off the screen and set it just to dim after a while. It was too much of a headache.

Just a note here. I didn't reinstall the KDE neon image. I did however try it from MicroSD while the eMMC install still had problems. I guess the Day 0 release had a few other issues too, as the downloaded image is newer.

For anyone considering reinstalling. Careful! I haven't found a straightforward set of docs. There's a few things that need to be noted. The eMMC has two smaller partitions which are only visible with fdisk. They don't show with programs based on parted.

When a MicroSD is inserted, the name of the eMMC shifts to mmcblk1 from 0. (I can't remember the exact name sorry). When the MicroSD also has a bootable image installed this can be confusing because they will both have the same volume names for the main partition.

There are instructions floating around on how to copy to eMMC, but I haven't tried them yet. Seeing the two extra partitions on the eMMC that aren't in the downloadable images put me off.

Lastly, don't change the session properties to Plasma (Wayland). It'll lock the Pinebook up. I saw the option and was curious.

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