How to finish installation of KDE ?

I have the Pinebook a few days now and all in all it works great.
However I noticed that the original shipped OS (KDE) seems to be not a completely installed version.

I have this `First time run this installer` icon in the top ft of my desktop which is usually found on installer images.

Also the current installation uses only about 6 GB of the eMMC (16GB).

So what would be the next step to complete this installation ?
Run the installer.
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Ok, I look a bit sheepish now.

I have tried before to install and it failed with an error message.
However to try more I had created a partition with the rest of the space (not sure if this is related) and tried again.

That time I got another error message that my selected user could not be created and gave up.

After your reply I tried again, got the same error about the user and then checked and noticed that the first install run already created my user and therefore additional attempts failed.

So I ran the install script again and selectd a different user and it worked ?

No idea why the first attempt faild...

This is solved.
Glad it worked out.
You can find me on IRC, Discord and Twitter

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