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Wake on LAN

So, I have just got my wonderful RockPro64 and NAS enclosure going and I'm now starting to get the software set up. One thing I have noticed though is that after a while with no activity the RockPro64 (RP64) seems to go to sleep and no longer responds to an `ssh` login attempt.

Does anyone know if the RP64 can be set up with either `wakeonlan` or `eitherwake`? (I read somewhere about the BIOS needing to support this.)

I think I'll just give it a go but would be interested to hear from others if they think that is the right approach for a NAS/Docker setup. Perhaps not letting it sleep at all will be best. ?

Thanks in advance for any help!
Strange that it doesn't respond. Which OS do you have loaded up ? OMV ? This shouldn't happen. What do logs say ?

There is no BIOS - uboot.
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I am using Ayufan's bionic-containers-rockpro64-0.7.9-1067-arm64 image. I'll check the logs next time it happens and report back. Good to know the not waking isn't expected behaviour, cheers.
Seems to be working ok now. Perhaps an update I've installed since has fixed it. I'm not sure. Will report back if it happens again.

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