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ClusterBoard "crowd-sourced" case by c4labs
I recently contacted c4labs (https://www.c4labs.com/) to see how much a case for a ClusterBoard fully populated with SOPINE modules and cooling fans would cost. The development costs were very high but they were willing to try a crowd-sourced route.

They are willing to build one if they get 100 orders before 25th January 2018 or they will refund orders. The case will cost $64.99.

The link is:


You should c&p the link and replace "xx" with "tt" because they have an issue with their website whereby externally redirected links (as opposed to direct links) end up being sent to a fake advertising site (they are aware of this and trying to fix it but they are case manufacturers not web developers…). Alternatively the link is also straight off their front page as "PINE64 Cluster Case PRESALE" which is also safe.

Note: I did ask PINE64 for permission to post, I am not affiliated with c4labs, I just wanted a custom case for my ClusterBoard and was shopping around as I don't have the skills to make one myself. I am interested in other ClusterBoard cases which take care of optimal airflow for the fully-populated board.


(@cynicalsecurity on Twitter)
Thanks for posting !
  If you manage to click this link you'll join in the IRC channel
Ordered one, leaving... 94 remaining? Hope it happens.
Well, unfortunately a lot of people were put off by the fact that the first attempt at the crowdsource page was marred by someone hacking it to redirect to a fake lottery Sad

I hope some of them come back again otherwise we'll never make 100…

Feel free to advertise it further, I have no personal connection with c4labs, I just organised it for the community because I felt we needed a ClusterBoard case.
considering there is very little discussion of the sopine clusterboard on the forum i was surprised to see that 100 unit stated in the original post. then figure in the 65 price tag and no existing image of what the case looks like and so it was gonna be an outside chance to get a completed crowd sourced from the start in my opinion. not sure what to think of that hack , what was it supposed to accomplish on one of the least traveled pages of the site? or was it the whole c4 checkout? very strange.
Well, I just ordered 4. Refund otherwise so what's the problem?

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