Normal operating temperatures ?
(11-04-2018, 09:29 AM)ilovegentoo Wrote: Hi everybody,

I just tried my new rockpro64 4GB board and I installed the 30mm tall heatsink to see how it performs (no fan).

After about 5-10 minutes of stress test using -T 80 I found it to reach 75 °C.
At idle it is sitting at about 43 °C (still passively cooling 15 minutes after the end of the stress test)

The heatsink was installed using some NOCTUA NH-H1 thermal compound I had laying around (I didn't use the thermal pad since I thought that heat transfer would be more effective using standard CPU thermal compound). A very thin layer of thermal paste was applied on all the middle ("raised") surface of the chip.

Do these temps look normal to you? I just did a basic Debian 0.7.9 SD card install.

Thanks  Smile

Any CPU when pushed by longer periods, will rise its temps..

In my opinion, that temps should not be good continuously,
Without a Fan, the thermal compound you used its ok.

RockChip says its rated to max 85, but it also says that at that temps CPU will do a emergency shutdown.
For reliability you shouldn't be using that temps, continuously..

The better option is a fan above it..
BUT if you put a Fan,
IMO should use the thermal PAD, because the thermal pad serves has a vibration absorver for the fan. Wink

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