BTO booking - email problems?
Hey, so I've put my email in the BTO booking list in the past (at least several months ago), and I've never heard anything back. (No confirmation email or anything.) Since then I see there's another production run of the 11.6" Pinebooks, which is the one I really wanted before but the site said they weren't available at the time.

I just submitted my email address through the form again, and haven't received a confirmation email this time either. Is it just expected that I put in my email address, and I'll maybe hear back someday or maybe not? I want to buy one of these things!
if you read through the pinebook posts you will learn that they are not shipping currently but are expected to soon. the fact that you are not hearing back is not really that unusual for pine64 and could be due to a number of reasons. you did the right thing by posting though cause it's probably the best way to get an answer from tllim.
Yeah, I saw they're not shipping yet - I just want the chance to order one before these ones ship so I don't miss out! Smile
Same problem here. Ik submitted my emailadress on,  to get on the list to ordere a 11,6 inch pinebook. The page said "submitted succesfully", but i received no confirmation email. I thought, maybe i made a typo so I did it again, same problem. Is this normal, or is the site broke?
This is normal, I went through that too. After submitting email for BTO, no confirmation arrives. I'm too was confused with lack of confirmation so I had submitted form again few days later to make sure I didn't make a typo in email (I really wanted one of 11.6" Pinebook). Actually, you just have to wait a few months, until batch production is started. Then, you will eventually receive a coupon code, which is required to place order with email you used to sign for BTO.

I think I've submitted mine around mid-July and received my coupon in beginning of September. Then, you will be able to pay your order. Actually, I've eventually received two coupons (with 6-day difference, because I've submitted form twice).

But I agree that lack of confirmation is confusing, it's would be nice to send at least an automated reply, so that you can be sure your sign-up is received by Pine64 and email is correct (and can be reached).
I hope I haven't missed out on the 11.6" model then, I didn't know they'd opened up orders for them again. Sad

Based on my browser history I'm pretty sure I also submitted mine around mid-July.
Please contact and provided the email address info that you registered at BTO. Once confirmed that already reach you queue list, they will release a coupon code to you that valid for 7 days.  There are still small quantity (always over build for i"in-case" situation) of 11' Pinebook at warehouse, please completed your order ASAP due to limited quantity.

The next BTO batch will be around 2 months when Pinebook team collected enough BTO list to starts the new production.
Thanks - that did the trick! Smile

Please pin this to the top. As even i had the s and issue.

So it still be helpful of users to tried to order so they can find this thread on top.

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