On the matter of the proposed Pine64 mobile device (a potentially unpopular opinion)
Probaby a very un-popular opinion but here goes...

I would greatly enjoy a phone, selling at $350 price point, if it could have essentially the same specs as a PineBook Pro, 4GB RAM, RK3399 SoC, and 64GB eMMC, and has a 1080p 6" LCD. Such a phone would be a viable competitor spec-wise with almost any mid-range Android phone in the same price range, and also competing with older flagship devices on the used market. If eMMC can be swapped out, that could negate the need for having a 64GB eMMC built-in, you could reduce price by having a 8GB or 16GB one, and the user could upgrade up to 128GB.

P.S Samsung and Toshiba both have 256GB and 512GB eMMC chip's available right now. Why hasn't any company started building eMMC modules, like the Odroid-compatible ones used in PineBook? With the PineBook Pro coming out, I would buy one instantly if I knew I could upgrade the eMMC to 256GB or 512GB, which would be more than enough for me to replace my current laptop. I know, PineBook Pro does have the M.2 slot, but I plan on using that to add an LTE card(Yep, there are LTE modules available, if I add one of those, I can have internet wherever I go, without WiFi, just like a Windows always-connected PC). I would buy a 512GB eMMC for a PineBook, even if it cost twice as much as an equivalent-sized SSD...

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