On the matter of the proposed Pine64 mobile device (a potentially unpopular opinion)
I quite like the idea of a PinePhone. Yes, the Librem stuff exists, but it's pretty expensive compared to what Pine64 seem to be offering.

I don't actually want much out of a phone. I barely use the camera, and really just want to be able to call people, text them, browse the web (on mobile data) and occasionally use a few Linux CLI things (via termux). And I value battery life over shaving off 1mm. Unfortunately, the dominance of Android means that if I want that I also need gigabytes of bloat and spying, and battery life drops every year. I doubt that whatever Pine64 makes will ever catch on in the mainstream, but I'm sure there are at *least* a dozen people who agree with me on this!

I'm not sure what your point with ARM extensions and enterprise stuff is. I doubt anyone using single-board computers is going to care much if they can squeeze a tiny bit more performance out with different instructions.

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