On the matter of the proposed Pine64 mobile device (a potentially unpopular opinion)
Quote:PINE64 has community table setup at FOSDEM on next month and there will be several new products and ideas floating around., If you plan to attend, looking forward to meet up and chat, even beer together.

If I might, I disagree with Hiccupsticks on two points. 
  1. RPi and Pine/Rock64 are in similar but not the same markets. RPi is deliberately low powered, aimed at the education/tinkerer market. Pine is higher powered, much more suited to real world applications. It is in the Odroid/Asus tinker board market.
  2. I would love to see a phone that is outside of the Android data trawling market and outside of the locked down Apple eco sphere. 
I use a Ubuntu touch phone, which has considerable shortcomings, but my personal data stays with me, and I can use it for the things I want to do rather than the things Apple has decided I should be confined to. In no way can I afford Purism's Librem5 FOSS phone.
So, Pine, for me, bring it on or maybe I'm the only potential customer.
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