[2/5/2016][DEPRECATED]Script to automate GUI installation on Ubuntu
(05-01-2016, 10:15 AM)dr5mn Wrote: this is a sandisk sd card, tried a few ones and got the same result each time. (i only buy real ones Smile )

i also followed all instructions to the letter. can't do fsck from the pine, kept telling me that /dev/mmcblk0p2 was mounted, and would not allow me to umount. if i put the card into another linux machine and do fsck it comes up with hundreds if not thousands of errors that need to be fixed.

fixed all errors by literally just holding in the y key, put card back into pine, ran the bash command and it executed the script by terra, but ended with another error: failed to fetch......components-arm64.yml.gz hash sum mismatch and also unable to parse package file......ports.....xenial_inrelease (1)

And you still don't get it that you can buy counterfeit cards through every retail channel? Wow!

Filesystem corruption happens for a reason! And I still don't get it why the Pine64 folks do not adjust their burning instructions for OS images so that they read: "ALWAYS CHECK YOUR SD CARD FIRST! Before you didn't succeed with either H2testw or f3 don't even think about downloading any OS image". But fortunately that's their problem (and their user's -- mostly newbies to the SBC world)

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