Flashing android to eMMC from linux sd card boot
This is a method that worked to install android 8.1 onto emmc without using the emmc to SD card adaptor.
It also worked when using the Android tools did not.
Someone else may find this useful

=== Flashing Android to eMMC from Linux SD Boot (ROCKPro64)===

This method enables installing android to emmc using dd method without an emmc adaptor.
Can also be an alternate method if other methods are unsuccesful

Install Linux to an SD Card (Verified with bionic but may work with others).
Insert SD and empty eMMc (eMMc card must be empty so that ROCKPro64 boots off SD card).
(If necessary, emmc can be cleared using android tools linked below)
Boot Linux
Download desired dd android image from pine64 using curl (curl http://link_to_rockpro64_image.img.xz --output AndroidImage.img.xz)
Extract android image using unxz (unxz AndroidImage.img.xz)
Verify that emmc is visible by typing sudo fdisk -l | less. 
eMMc should be shown as /dev/mmcblk1 with the correct size
Write android image to emmc using dd (sudo dd if=./AndroidImage.img od=/dev/mmcblk1)
Wait for dd to finish. (if screen turns off give it another 10 minutes and assume its done).
Unplug power, remove sd card.
Plug power back in and enjoy android.

Thanks to lucasz for helping out.
Hi everyone, this was actually for the RockPro64.
Could a helpful mode move this to the RockPro64 instead.
Sorry about that.

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