Sata/PCI-E problems?
I've not had a happy experience with the Pine64 supplied PCI-e card either.  Same as you, I have the NAS Case, etc, etc. In my situation, though I have just a single SSD and I get a load of dump type messages as it boots.  I have seen the blue LED on the PCI-e card just once but then couldn't access the SSD card at all.  I have tried a couple of different SSDs with no better success.  Even just the PCI-e card on its own causes problems at boot time with some odd messages, leading me to believe that I have somehow killed the card..  Using the same Linux build as yourself as well.  Also tried using the OMV build with much the same results.

I'm nearly to the point of giving a 3rd party card a try!!  In the mean time I'm using a USB3 to SATA cable to connect the SSD, which of course works just fine.  Not good though if I want to add another drive.
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