Sata/PCI-E problems?
I am currently running Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic minimal 0.7.9, with a custom 4.18.9 kernel. Although I have tried others kernels as well. My board is in the NAS enclosure with the 30mm heatsink and a 80mm fan (5-amp power supply). I am running it as a server for Plex, Radarr, Sonarr, Jackett, Deluge, Ombi, and Tautulli. 

I am currently experiencing a strange problem with the sata drive, a Western Digital 8TB Red Drive. Or perhaps the problem is with the pci-e card, not sure. I often have quiet a few torrents downloading via deluge.  Usually about once or twice a day, I come back to see all of my torrents have error'ed out. Likely, because the drive is somewhat disconnected? Doing a df -h shows it is still mounted, but the drive will not function properly until I do a complete power down. Just curious if anyone else has experienced any troubles similar to this. Either way I am documenting the problem here just in case someone else experiences the problem in the future and can chime in.

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