Performance and stability issues Openmediavault
I have been running a OMV on a HC1, XU4 and now Rock64.  I decided to do performance comparisons.  This then exposed my instability issue with Rock64.  The HC1 gave 110 MB/s write speed.  The XU4 only did 70 MB/s.  The Rock64 might be the star I thought but it only did about 80 MB/s before it crashed.  This now is the problem.

I try coping about 10 GBs from W10 to the Rock64 via ethernet and it fails every time at around 6 GBs. The box crashes and must be power cycled.  There is no message in the OMV log.  Smaller copies work and if I connect my USB 3.0 attached HDD to the USB 2 port the copy works but at 30 MB/s.

I have tried a HDD, a SSD and a M.2 SSD in a M.2 to USB enclosure. All 3 fail approximately the same. Makes me think the load is crashing something.  
One error in the log I see occasionally is something like  Fatal  Watchdog not found.  
I am running OMV 4.1.11  Linux version 4.4.132 on the eMMC.  I have the correct power supply.

Anyone have any ideas on this problems?  What other testing could I do to trap some meaningful error messages? 

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Performance and stability issues Openmediavault - by jgpacc - 09-24-2018, 09:26 PM

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