Using the CP2102 chipset USB-TTL with the Rock64
Instead of using the USB-TTL adapter with the CH340G chipset like in the official shop, I'm using one with CP2102.
I'm trying to install OpenBSD on my SBC through serial, and I'm seeing text through the console just fine.
I just can't type anything.

So, again - receiving data is fine, transmitting data to the board is a no-go.
Using "sudo minicom -8 -D /dev/ttyUSB0 -b 115200" as per the BSD install tutorial in the other thread.
Yes, I DID use the baud rate of 1500000 while setting up the microsd to boot the install the first time. That required no input, so I didn't notice the problem.
Testing it now, baud rate doesn't matter - I can't input anything through serial into the running board regardless.

So, I'm ordering the CH340G USB-TTL to see if this is a compatibility problem and I already have a second Rock64 on the way. I'm just wondering if anyone has any ideas to perhaps make this work as is.
Also, I'll post any relevant updates.

Thank you for your time.
Just tested the serial TTL USB with another Rock64. Same issue - no input.
Most likely a hardware incompatibility.
Looks like I'll be waiting on the serial adapter for a few weeks.

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