Issue with hwmon - Fan Stop after logout-Login
Verified in the image ubuntu - lxde

when logout, and login again, seems that the power for pwm is Cut-Off.
  • If pwm value is high,
    Fan will continue spinning before stop, and when pwm restored, fan can continue(because it doesn't stopped at all).
  • But if pwn is low,
    Lets say 35 or 50, when power is cutoff, fan will stop,The power is restored then, but too already stoped, and it cannot start with a value so low as 35 or lets say 50.
You need to physically spin the fan, so that it will start running..

echo 40 > /sys/class/hwmon/hwmon0/pwm1
Then, Logout, and Login Again.

Fan will stop, after some seconds, you will listening the pwm restored, but too late..
Hello all,
Please can anyone confirm if its verifiable in your hardware, at lest with ubuntu lxde version?

I have Hardware revision 2.1 4GB

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