Sharing first impressions as new owner
Hi iamasutra

It sounds like you've had some success getting the Rock64 GPU working under Armbian. What have you tested? I'm mainly interested in HW h264 decoding (with mpv preferably, but gstreamer or kodi would do) but it would be nice to get GLES working too.

Which version of Armbian (Bionic, Stretch, Xenial?) did you use and how did you build and install the GPU/VPU drivers? Did you use the official rockchip mali repo or one of the forks?

If you have any notes on what you did to get the r64 GPU/VPU running under Armbian they'd be much appreciated!


The person that created the Armbian RK3288 media (video driver) script for RK3288 devices should soon be releasing a similar script for RK3328 boards any day now but those who can't wait can follow these instructions on how to build the GPU drivers, gstreamer and mpv for Armbian, thanks to the librecomputing renegade being almost identical to the r64:

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