Sharing first impressions as new owner
(10-17-2018, 05:19 AM)lamasutra Wrote: Progress so far.
I have received premium aluminium casing, serial console, emmc module and RS-15-5 psu.

As for the casing, there is a space between chips, cooling pad and heat pipe, therefor cooling is not working by default. I have added extra 0.5-1 mm spacers beneath board mountings for heat pipe to touch cooling pad correctly. Temperature is about 56'C when playing hd h265 iptv streams whole day and 46'C at iddle.

I have tried connecting serial console and it's working great. It looks like most of the kernel panics are random so I suspect they are caused by faulty dc connection.

I have added rubber band between hdmi cable and power connector of original psu to bend the connector and get more stable dc connection.
It looks promising, uptime is almost 4 days without crash so far.

I have tested LibreElec 8.90.006 too, but playback was choppy so I decided to stick back with 8.90.005 for now.

I am postponing RS-15-5 psu test for now, as the rubber band solution is working fine.

IMO the ruberband solutions is risky, it can break the conector on the rock64, i remember someone connecting the power directly to the header, in regards to conectivity its more reliable but iirc its a bit sirky in regards of power surges since the barrel is "protected" is your friend but it can be a better option than the dirty ruberband solution (also ruberband degrades and if you forget about it in 6 months it can break just because and you can start having problem again and you dont know exactly why, even worst, ruberband degrades faster with temperature and since you get 56 degree under load that temp is probably in most of the board, if you need to replace the ruberband every month its going to get annoying FAST)

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