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Pinebook accessories (emmc usb card)
If I see the "options available" correct for the Pinebook, it shows an EMMC _USB card to mount the upgrade/purchased 64gb EMMC and ai can etch it directly to the EMMC.... allowing me access to install it into the Pinebook.  (Am I seeing that correctly?  (Is the Pinebook internal accessible to install the larger flashed 64mb EMMC myself?)

If not, then I do not need the EMMC_USB card for flashing EMMC memory internal to the PINEBOOK.

2) Micro SD sdxc Class 10 memory.  Other vendors also show and reference the SD-UHS1 class 10 card as a double performance in read and write over the offered Class 10 sdxc card. 
As long as it is class 10, it should be identifiable, I assume the increase in read/write will be the same on PineBook.

3) WHAT IS THE LARGEST Micro sdxc in MB the Pinebook can identify? 256mb or higher?

4)I will image the EMMC with the OS.  Can I specify the MicroSD as data storage location? in addition to using the EMMC for OS/Programs.

5) I have nice Linux Nas(2) I will backup the Pinebook to regularly.

I need to identify software that will allow me to map/see network and attach to / map to external drives (nas). Unless that is included in KUBUNTU.  I am just now starting to read up on it.

If you have any specific info to direct me to please do so.  I called myself looking THOROUGHLY through website for specific answers abut none were shown.

Thank you again,


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