DietPi for the RockPro64
Updated DietPi ARMv8 Stretch (ROCKPRO64) v6.20 on Wiki and PINE64 Installer.
SBC:  RockPro64 4Gb
OS:    DietPi v6.20, Mate' DE

I 've been experiencing daily system freezes and decided
to create a script that tailed the last 50 lines of dmesg output
and discovered a fault. Snapshot attached.

[timestamp] BUG: Bad page state in process nxserver.bin pfn:d86b0

I then restarted the system, uninstalled NoMachine, and my RKP64
has been running fine. 

I will try the arm v7 deb from Nomachine and see how that works out.


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Nothing works out of the box

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