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Rockpro64 Sata Card kills itself
(01-18-2019, 12:18 PM)flocke196 Wrote: "As a workaround I disabled NCQ from kernel by adding libata.force=noncq to kernel command line (to line that says "append" in /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf). After that I haven't experienced any ATA/SATA errors yet."

Unfortunately, this is not working for me. I am able to create a raid1, but it is degraded, right after creating a filesystem (ext4) on it.
It seems, one disk is thrown off, while creating the filesystem.

I spoke too soon there. Only after day or two later that card started giving error even with ncq disabled. I replaced it with Marvell 9215 card and so far all good. Keeping my fingers crossed Smile

(01-27-2019, 12:20 AM)flocke196 Wrote: The issues are gone using a proper power supply. 
The use of the official psu(12v/5A) with the official sata2-interface-card gave me the errors, mentioned above. 
Upgrading to a 12V/7.5A psu (Leicke NT33402) resolved those issues.

That's interesting. For me 12V/6A PSU didn't work and neither did using the card in ATX PC setup. Maybe my Pine sata card was from bad and yours from not so bad batch Big Grin I ordered mine mid October.
In my case it was a faulty SATA cable. I'd suggest you to check it before everything other.

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