External DAC - Pine64

Time to call for help.  (HELP!)

I'm trying to enable external DAC support on a distribution other than Volumio for the Pine64. (Not the Rock64 - for which there seems to be support.)  I have tried both Armbian Xenial desktop legacy kernel 3.10.y and 0.7.19-118 xenial minimal from ayufan.  The DAC is not recognized and it ports do not appear when one queries aplay.

Am missing something pretty basic like, duh, there is only a driver available for Volumio for the Pine64.

Why? I'm setting up multi room audio and was hoping to have a few "drone" devices with just snapcast and maybe some other stuff for home automation.  Wanted Ubuntu because I have more experience with it than others.  And I thought this would be easy.  (HA!)  At least I've learned a lot.

Thank you for your thoughts,

When I set up spotifyd on my rockpro64 I had to manually enable the driver for usb audio, wasn't a massive deal though since I was compiling my own kernel anyways. I guess it might be similar for you, your external DAC might just need an option enabled in menuconfig.

Maybe the easiest way would be to just ask for the driver to be added to the ayufan kernel?
(09-04-2018, 12:08 PM)ah- Wrote: Maybe the easiest way would be to just ask for the driver to be added to the ayufan kernel?

Now that would be too easy now wouldn't it?  Cool

It may be in the kernel already and I just haven't muttered the proper incantation.  Klaatu Barata nickto . . .

The DAC is the Pine64 from the store here.  Just for reference. 



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