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Tool to Control Fan - fanctl
(11-21-2018, 05:18 PM)tuxd3v Wrote:
(11-21-2018, 01:32 PM)stFfn Wrote: p.s. i think i found it my selfe after i wrote this post Big Grin

is this correct to change this setting: MAX_FAN_PWM?
I changed it to 150 and the fan is mutch quieter.

or am i wrong and did something fatal? Big Grin

That is one way of limiting without changing too much [Image: shy.png]

The PWM curve by Interpolated method is:

ahm.. ok Big Grin
so what would you change?

please give me the numbers.. im not as good with these calculations Big Grin
(11-21-2018, 05:28 PM)stFfn Wrote: ahm.. ok Big Grin
so what would you change?

please give me the numbers.. im not as good with these calculations Big Grin

You changed the 'MAX_FAN_PWM' to 150, so it will max out at 150, its the beginning.. [Image: shy.png]

For the fan to run continuously, without stop,
Maybe the best would be to just comment the stop code( with "--" before it like you see below ), at almost the end of file:
-- Sleeping with Fan OFF, until next cicle
-- sleep( PROFILE:getQtimer( TEMP ) )

(...OTHER CODE ...)

-- Stop Fan
-- setFanpwm( 0 )

The fan will not stop in this way.. and you can lower the 'MAX_FAN_PWM' even more..it you want..

But in my opinion you should not touch 'MIN_FAN_PWM', because its the minimum..bellow that, the fan can stop depending of fan type..

It varies a lot..
For example:
in a fan 10mm, this value would be around 30-35 has minimum..
in a 20 mm fan, it would be at least between 35-40
I don't know the value for the NAS Fan case..., but 40 seems nice to me has minimum...

Because of that I used 40 for all, which is not so above 30, and more fans could be running with it..

Right now you are with a Function like this:  Shy

So with a max temp of 60C, you will get 150 PWM.
(11-21-2018, 10:39 AM)tuxd3v Wrote:
(11-20-2018, 09:19 PM)Drago Wrote: The fan is kind of loud actually, any advice on damping the sound?

For Now, its only possible editing : '/usr/local/sbin/ats'
In future releases, will be there a config file '/etc/ats.conf'

Changing the profile will lower the fan speed..
You can change line 68, of file  '/usr/local/sbin/ats'

FANSPEC                         = "profile1"

for "profile2"
or even "profile3"

it will have a less aggressive power output..
What are the characteristics of your fan?

Thanks, switching to "profile3" made a significant improvement. As far as my fan, I'm using the 80mm fan from the pine64 website. I believe its rated 12V, 0.1 A.
Well the master branch, its now v0.1.8.

In this process, I forgot to update, the string version that will show as v0.1.7, when you do:
ats -v

I am sorry for that..

Hope you enjoy it..
The next release will have lua as frontend, and the functionality is in the C backend.

Is is not yet optimised, but I noticed some speed gains, from ~17us per CPU second Time( or 0.0017% CPU ), to now ~12.28us per CPU second Time( or 0.001228% CPU ).

Also there are a '/etc/ats.conf' config file were you can adjust things easier,for your fan,
Without scroll lots of code, and understand it..

Its in master branch now, and its in tests,
But it seems to be stable...

It would be nice to have some feed back from you, so that any bug cold be sorted out. [Image: shy.png]

I promised a Tutorial about ATS,
The Tutorial is about the version in master branch that will become in time 0.2.0.

It's here


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