(08-26-2018, 02:55 AM)Luke Wrote: Yes, thats how its meant to be and that is the reason why those images are called 'minimal'. You can install any desktop environment on-top of those of course, be it Mate, XFCE or KDE, etc.,

May I say that the OP stated he was new to this stuff.  I am not exactly new to this stuff, in fact I started programming back in the days before CPM, and then worked up through CPM, DOS and so forth.  I've been around.

But I will say that NOWHERE that I have stumbled across so far does it EVER explain what any of the images do.  Not a hint.

so "that is why the images are called 'minimal" is snarky to say the least.  How am I (or the OP) supposed to know what "minimal" means?

It is that attitude that tells that person who is new to this "you don't know enough to be here so go away."

How about someone actually goes in and documents what each build does?  So we don't have to be super users to buy one of these things and can get something useful out of it.

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