Regular Android build for Rock64?
(09-04-2018, 12:41 PM)jzhang18 Wrote:
(09-04-2018, 12:34 AM)fender909 Wrote: There is another board by Firefly roc-rk3328-cc which has the came RK3328 soc and a regular android build. Hope someone will try to port it to Rock64

I have both Rock64 and Firefly roc-rk3328-cc.

I don't like Android TV UI on Rock64,  Android regular UI Firefly roc-rk3328-cc looks good.  But no way to put SuperSU on Android for Firefly roc-rk3328-cc (it is rooted).  No Google Play Store on Firefly roc-rk3328-cc.  Applications used to start an service such as "Auto Start" or "Autostart and Stay!" cannot start the service at boot.

I feel so weird about  Android 7.1.2 on roc-rk3328-cc.   but it is still usable to get and install all apps from

USB3 can only be used with Thumb Drives , but not stable with hard drive for Android 7.1.2 on both Rock64 and Firefly roc-rk3328-cc

For Linux, USB3.0 are stable for both boards: Rock64 and Firefly roc-rk3328-cc.

At least there is a version of Android which can be used with a touchscreen. The one on Rock64 is absolutely unusable with a touchscreen display

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