Rock64 hangs without trace
I will try, thanks for advice
Well I was not successful with Pine supplier (no respond).
But I gave my rock64 yet another try...

Before that I slightly "burn it" with little torch - just in case that there are some weak connections that I cannot visually establish.

I was not expecting anything but ... it runs pretty stable now Smile
Memtester running for whole day is quite fine.
Still, there are some issues with playback of videos, but they result in sudden death of player not whole system hangup so I guess I did hard fix Smile
(09-15-2018, 06:16 AM)Rocklobster Wrote: Contact the Pine supplier in China. They have exchanged a number of boards that have been found to be faulty.

How would I go about contacting the supplier?

My board was faulty which I expected from the start but never got around to returning it within the 30 days as I was on these forums and elsewhere trying to fix the solution. Only a couple of months old

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