How fast is rock64 if a desktop?
And to answer the first question, even if it's old.
I make review videos of SBC's, and test their desktop capabillities.

Here my review video of the Rock64. It now does clock to 1.5Ghz instead of 1.3Ghz.

Here one of my last videos where I show how to install the media script for better video playback + clocking to 1.5Ghz

Here a video about benchmarking cpu's of single board computers

And many more video's to find about many different SBC's.

The Rock64 is a potent board. But it's not the best for desktop use. The RK3399's are a lot better for that task.
Greetings all,
(03-28-2019, 07:18 AM)ivanB1975 Wrote: I know it is an old post, but since you seem a software developer I wanted to ask if you used docker and how is your experience with that.

Sorry, I don't use Docker because I think it's a waste of time.

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