HOW TO - Connect the serial console
> I do have a more appropriate serial adapter on the way,
> because that always appeared to be the path of least resistanc ...
Don't worries, I wrote because I was watching the above post.

> It's also annoying that someone chose an oddball baudrate to be hardcoded!
I was also surprised at first, why did you choose 1.5M bps without any major benefits ?
The only way to verify this is to ask them (Rockchip).
However, I do not think that the answer comes back even if we ask the reason.

> I just don't understand why the stock Armbian image isn't like that, already.
Even for them (Armbian),
It should not be easy to go beyond the hurdles of non-disclosure of information.
And, unless go beyond this hurdle, they can not take options other than 1.5MBps.

If so, there do not need to pay attention to this part coding.
"Just wrote the numbers directly without any special intentions"
I think that there is no special meaning.

> But why would the verbosity default be different for the two consoles?
I do not know about this because I have not investigated it in detail.

I usually do not use "Armbian".
However, compared to the image of "ayufan", the amount of log output was clearly smaller.
I felt uncomfortable with this difference.
So I tried changing "verbosity = 7". and "console" order.
The log output will then be at the same level as the "ayufan" image.

As for me, this is the correct answer.
So I didn't need to investigate further.

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