HOW TO - Connect the serial console
Thank you for the very informative reply! A couple of specific points I want to respond to:

(05-21-2019, 07:34 PM)t4_4t Wrote: First of all, I will give my thoughts and say what I know from a technical point of view.
I think that purchasing a compatible item is far more sensible than doing various trials because the 1.5M bps compatible USB-UART item is inexpensive and easy to obtain.
In addition, Changing this part easily is considered a nuisance to developers.

I do have a more appropriate serial adapter on the way, because that always appeared to be the path of least resistance. But in the meantime, I wanted to see how far I could get. Also, I have a compulsion to understand what I'm using!

It's also annoying that someone chose an oddball baudrate to be hardcoded! I was a little surprised by that.

Quote:> 1) The baud rate for the login prompt and onward is set independently from the baud rate for everything before that. ...

This is fine as long as they do not consider anything other than 1.5M bps.
If you consider other baud rates, you should change it in "boot.cmd" as follows.

"console=ttyS2,1500000 ${consoleargs}" -> "${consoleargs} console=ttyS2,${baudrate}n8"

Yeah, I just don't understand why the stock Armbian image isn't like that, already.

Quote:> 2) There's a long delay (20+ seconds) after the last boot message ("bootconsole [uart0] enabled") ...

In the current settings, many messages are output to HDMI.
Please try combining "verbosity = 7" with the above correction.
You should get the expected results, even with the "both" setting.

I'll try that. But why would the verbosity default be different for the two consoles?

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