So, after that post, I thought ...yeah, let's do Gentoo.  I've used Gentoo for like 6 years so .. yeah .  I just noticed you haven't experienced the amazeballs EMMC feeling.  I've never seen the uboot bootloader in action...  By the time HDMI realizes it has a signal, it's already through dmesg and in lxde.  It's damn fast.  

Another thing... I bought the cpu fan and I've never seen it turn on.  I've done make --j 7 on OpenCV and the Gentoo kernel and the heatsink never got warm.

Oh yeah, ayufan's kernel...  Nothing is built as a module.  Everything is selected.  I know it's a SoC that's supposed to be built so the end user shouldn't have to recompile, but damn, damn near everything is in it.  

While I'm rambling, Gentoo uses cpuid2cpuflags to identify the processor but this processor isn't in the data set.  No vendorid, no make or model returns from /proc/cpuinfo so cpuid2cpuflags  just throws out some random bs that I couldn't trust.  Figured out that the aarm64 means arm64v8, so we're pretty much on our own.

Anyways, ayufan's lxde compiled a full ( every damn option selected except the Nvidia/cuda includes )  OpenCV in like 20 minutes.  The Emmc + rockpro64 combination is insanely fast

And then last night I realized just how fast Emmc is over that microsd card.  I gave up watching the compile scroll after 30 minutes and went to bed.

I'm on the road for the next hour, but when I get home I can't wait to reboot, rebuild gcc, and then re-emerge deep world.

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