First usable Armbian image!
i try today with the last image ant still get only 100 mbits.

But i have this too with the android image so perhaps its really et hardware problem...
Hi! Smile

I just tested the lastest Armbian Debian Stretch image (5.88 stable) on my PineH64 model B. Booted from my SDcard, I could login via SSH and it seemed to function fairly properly.

However, the entire PineH64 board (not just the chips) starts getting hotter and hotter as soon as I plug the power in. Since I have no cooling at all for the PineH64 (passive nor active) I was forced to turn it off, and did so when it reached around 70'C.

I'm using the 'official' 5V 3Apower supply. When I use this same power supply on my Pine64-LTS this does not happen.

Has anyone else seen this behaviour?

Scratch the above, it only seemed to that at first boot, perhaps because it was expanding the SDcard. After rebooting it hovered around 45'C. Currently however, I've attached this tiny heatsink to the H6 core, and now it hovers around 42'C when idling.

Will do some more testing (install desktop on it, try to connect HDMI and audio, run some movies, etc.) and report back 

+ Installed 'full desktop' (XFCE) through armbian-config, went supersmooth and without errors! HDMI worked instantly, tried [email protected] and [email protected] Wifi also worked instantly.
- Sound did not work (Pulseaudio did not seem to find any hardware, just a dummy device) and video's stuttered like crazy (just tried with some Youtube movies).

I hope to use this PineH64 as a media-player, so I'll probably install KODI when hardware acceleration is available. All in all the current state looks promising!

Edit: If I understand correctly from this article on Phoronix it appears that the Allwinner H6 will receive support with the 'cedrus video driver' in Linux kernel 5.2, which is expected to be release somewhere next month (july '19). I hope that means 'driver support for the Mail-T720 in mainline kernel', but I can't be sure Big Grin For now I'm gonna wait out until Armbian offers a (nightly) build based upon kernel 5.2 (the version I'm running now, 5.88, is based on 5.1.7) and test that.

If there's any further testing I can do in particular please let me know.

[RockPro64 4GB (rev. 2.1) - Server + NAS]     [PineH64 3GB (model B)]     [Pine64-LTS 2GB (rev. 1.2)]
Updated images for Pineh64

Debian Buster and more
(06-29-2019, 04:21 PM)p1x3l3d Wrote: Hi! Smile

I just tested the lastest Armbian Debian Stretch image (5.88 stable) on my PineH64 model B. Booted from my SDcard, I could login via SSH and it seemed to function fairly properly.

I have the PineH64 model B, just ordered a few weeks ago, and absolutely no Armbian image would get to CLI or boot screen. It consistently locks up. 

Where do you get the 'stable' image? Do you mean Armbian_5.88_Pineh64_Debian_stretch_dev_5.1.7.img ?

I tried the following images:


I've got a class 10 sd card (Samsung EVO), and a 3A power supply. Heatsinks on the board, temperatures seem reasonable (37C). No other changes. I even plugged in an RTC LiIon battery, as AOSC (which boots fine) complained about RTC low voltage.

Any ideas? No red on the boot screen, everything looked OK. The last line is:

[  OK  ] Started Armbian hardware optimization.

It also seems to halt on resizing the SD card sometimes, but it does get resized. 

I DO sometimes get a core fault, but it's rare. Hitting reset goes to the above line. It's hard to get as it reboots somewhat quickly. I do have a screenshot. 

AOSC boots fine, no faults. 

        == John ==


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