New kid on the block - AOSC Linux
Please check out and give a try:
I was unable to boot from the SD-eMMC image. Looks interesting though.
(08-09-2018, 02:52 PM)jblakeharris Wrote: I was unable to boot from the SD-eMMC image. Looks interesting though.

SD-eMMC flashes the image to eMMC. If you want to boot from SD you just need the SD boot image - works for me.
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New AOSC build just released on wiki page.

This version comes with Mate desktop and this is mainline kernel 4.18 Linux build !!!

known issue: no audio

here is the wiki site:

password is anthon
Added AOSC Community Build Image with Mate Desktop [microSD Boot] [20181016] and [font=sans-serif]AOSC Community Build Image with Mate Desktop [eMMC Boot][/font] on PINE64 Installer.

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