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ROCK 64 board unresponsive
Hi all. During a recent office reshuffle I had to dismantle all pc's and auxiliary stuff. In the process I pulled the power cord on the ROCK 64  without powering the board down. Now it will not power up. No sign of life atm. No led's - no sign of life. The board was set up to boot off emmc and has a hard drive attached via usb to sata adaptor. Any ideas where to look? Not sure what is going on.

If for example the correct power supply was used then I should get at least one led - is that correct. Have I missed any pre-requisites?
Is there any way to test another cable/adapter? Maybe you just broke the cable and it's just not getting power.

Other possibility if the SPL is only on the eMMC and it can't read that it will also fail to do much
however I would expect a power led somewhere telling me I have power still... (unless you are a led on a sopine board and and you are so near the edge of the board that after a few re-seats you become loose and stop shining... but that's a different story) :-)
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