./rock64_write_spi_flash.sh fails
'dpkg -s "u-boot-rockchip-rock64" &>/dev/null; then'

Ahh.. now the unknown package line make a bit more sense. haha
It looks if you have installed u-boot package and will use that to decide what type of machine you have.

You need to install the u-boot-rockchip-rockpro64 package for it to continue.

Not a Linux guy but maybe something in the line of dpkg -i "u-boot-rockchip-rockpro64" or so? :-)

If the programmer of that script is reading this; try and find some sysctl that tells the type of board. :-)
And image makers should always try and make this data come from the machine not the fs. It's pretty useful!

# sysctl kern.ident
kern.ident: sopine
Started using FreeBSD at version 2.0 but really started using it at around version 6.4. 
If it doesn't do what you want; hack it until it does!

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