(07-31-2018, 09:59 AM)elatllat Wrote: So now that people have had hardware to play with for a while what software applications are [not]working on ayufans imgs?

(web browsers and videio under some conditions I hear)

I have got no application problems yet:
Internet: Firefox 61.0.1, claws-mail 3.16.0
Video players: vlc, mpv, (rkmpv)
Utilities: synaptic, pcmanfm, lxterminal, galculator, gkrellm, leafpad, bluetooth
Office: libreoffice, gnucash, gramps
Graphics: gimp, fotoxx, dcraw, ufraw
  • ROCKPro64 v2.1 2GB, 16Gb eMMC for rootfs, SX8200Pro 512GB NVMe for /home, HDMI video & sound, Bluetooth keyboard & mouse. Arch (5.14 kernel, Openbox desktop) for general purpose daily PC.
  • PinePhone BraveHeart now v1.2b 3/32Gb daily driver, dual boot via p-boot with Mobian/f2fs/Phosh on eMMC, Arch/ext4/Phosh on SDcard
  • PinePhone v1.2a 2G/16Gb that needs USB board replaced

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