0.7.8 No eth0?
(07-31-2018, 10:54 PM)jerry110 Wrote: After further testing it appears that you can not boot from the sdcard while having the EMMC module plugged in ...

IF the emmc module is vaguely bootable it takes precedence over the SDcard. Unless you play with the 2-pin jumper next to the emmc module - see my post here.

By removing the emmc you are ensuring your boot is from the sdcard.

My system boots fine from emmc, with an sdcard inseted holding data and connects fine to my (plain old 10Mbit Sad ) LAN via eth0 so the symptoms you are seeing are not generally applicable.

I would suggest remove the emmc and eth0 and play with booting from the sdcard (with as little as possible in USB - keyboard only) until you have a reliable setup. Then add eth0. Then try get to emmc.
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