RockPro Wireless+Bluetooth Issue - Linux (ayufan 0.7.8 and previous)
(08-14-2018, 10:51 AM)gnr_3 Wrote:
(08-13-2018, 08:38 AM)gnr_3 Wrote:
(08-12-2018, 03:31 PM)dukla2000 Wrote: As per post 10 above yours, disabling sdio0 (in 0.7.9) gives stability to the nvme, but means nothing you do will get the onboard WiFi/BT to work. (The WiFi/BT card needs sdio0.)

I agree. I think I have a basic problem that the rfkill list is only showing the BT module and not the WIFI (wlan) module. I am thinking this is a product fault as I have tested it on 2 different rock64PRO but the same image (eMMc card). 

can anyone help me here? Or should I report it a product issues?

So I got the Wi-FI to work. Apparently it only works on the Andriod 7.1 OS. and the BT is unstable (could not pair with a device well). This is not good as I need it on the Bionic container image. But at least I found out how it will work. Hoping support gives me a good resolve for this limitation on the Bionic container image for the Rock64Pro.

If you've read a few posts up ...

Quote:(...) sdio0 is currently disabled due to stability with nvme, as for bits I meant binary blobs for realtek wifi/bt.

Support has nothing to do with it - you just have to wait for ayufan or someone else to figure out how to make it work so that sdio doesn't cause instability under particular circumstances.
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