Mali OpenGL ES 2.0 SDK
I don't even know enough yet to know if OpenGL ES 2 and 3 can even use shaders.  The Broadcom VideoCore 4 in a Raspberry Pi does ogles 2 and the Mali 450 does ogles 3 (I think).  I don't need feedback from the GPU which is what seems perfect.  I'd take data from the FFT and feed it to the shader for scaling and plotting.  Visual output is the end product of that branch.  Meanwhile I'd feed another copy of the data through an audio demodulation process then to the sound card.  It might be 4000 data points 10 times a second, something like that.

In the Raspberry Pi documentation and examples there are people that have used the GPU for things like FFT and SHA256 like for mining Bitcoin, but from assembly, not OpenGL ES.  I think the GPU is about 10 times as fast as a single core CPU.  The Rock apparently has an OpenCL implementation, that could be useful for mining.  Except the competition runs 1000 watt PCs with multiple Nvidia and ATI cards to mine on.  What's cost effective is a real issue, older slower rigs use more electricity than the money they make.  People use solar electricity to tip the balance.

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