recurring blank screen on A64+ with ubuntu image & any desktop gui
Hello there. My first post HERE!  Cool

No, your USB 3.0 won't have enough CURRENT.

PINEA64 needs 2Amps/5V to work properly. I found this morning that my two pines (that won't boot or crash without any reason) with the WiFi/BT module onboard need more than a simple USB unbranded cable, despite a 3Amps 5V power supply.

So I've bought a new BRANDED and CERTIFIED USB cable from a local store and BANG! Pine works flawlessly even during a high stress benchmark software stressing the system to 100%

Power consumption @ about 2.5Amps.

The only question to the Pine Team it's:

Is there a way to power the Pine A64 2GB with WiFI/BT other than the USB/c? I saw a DCIN in the EULER "E" GPIO. Is this meant to power the board? Any protection needed?

Thanks in advance and CHEERS!

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RE: recurring blank screen on A64+ with ubuntu image & any desktop gui - by pixel3design - 06-10-2016, 06:52 AM

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