NetBSD images for the pine (and other boards)
Can I have a user & password to SSH login please?

I've successfully installed, on a 16Gb SD card:
It boots on my RockPro64 board. I resizes the root filesystem.
On second boot and waiting five mins, I can SSH to it but the SSHD daemon
won't accept <no password>

I've investigated, as suggested, mounting the SD card root filesystem on a Linux box
and adding a user manually. But on Fedora 29, "guestmount" doesn't work.
I don't have a serial console connection.

What I'm looking for is an OS for the RK3399 that supports the NEON extended instructions and
a C compiler that also has NEON support.
Project: FreeDV, Digital Voice at low bitrates, Codec2 mode 2020 using LPCNet

Alan B

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RE: NetBSD images for the pine (and other boards) - by beard5849 - 06-09-2019, 06:21 AM

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