lights but no action
It can be a number of things -

a) Image file could be corrupt - although I suspect the tool used to unpack it would pick up the checksum mismatch when decompressing the file. But it is still possible.
b) It may be the rock64 may not like the Sandisk SD card - unfortunately not all SD cards are alike, and some are just not suited for use in SBCs. Try a Samsung EVO card instead... and it'll probably perform better on the rock64 than the Sandisk card anyway.
c) There could be a fault with the power supply. You're using the recommended one, so voltage and amperage shouldn't be an issue... but occasionally there is a lemon... murphys law...
d) The rock64 could have a fault... unlikely, but again, occasionally there is a lemon.

A USB to serial adapter, USB uart, serial console cable, serial debug cable (etc, etc) which is 3.3v compatible would be a good thing to have in your toolbox for when working with SBCs like the rock64. Allows you to access the serial command line interface, and debug what is happening as the system starts up, as well as interact with the system without required a network interface or keyboard/monitor connected.

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