Hi Luke

Two points.

1.  That picture I have seen before, it is a RESISTOR that has been removed not a transistor. Are you showing the correct information?

( This goes to my point there is NO OFFICIAL rev information )

2. According to the text in the post showing that original picture, the author states it apparently fixed powering the NVMe card, but did NOT fix the sata card!

Does the sata card work with the new release of modules?   What was done to fix it?

I blew a lot of money on a pre production card, heatsink, sata card and nvme card!  it would be very nice to be able to up-rev the board to a current working module.  I have access to SMD tools and a binocular microscope to see the  smds. I cannot do reballing tho'.  All I need is some accurate information.

thank you



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