Quote:it appears all effort by Pine has ceased at that point. It seems to be a very unprofessional approach that there is no apparent rev control on this project!

Yes, it really has ceased, since they're not revising the board for the main production run, and they're not still working on bringing the board up. :facepalm: You're seeing a board being brought up from stratch, rather than a polished ready to go product.

I do have to agree though as far as updates. I've been trying to keep up in the limited time I can afford to look at this in recent weeks, and would have dearly loved something nice and simple as a matrix/table showing status of all the pheripherals (i.e. working/not working, if working, at which image) and caveats at this point in time, and current priorities. Just something quick and simple, so that it's easy to maintain, and it's possible to just pop in and see what's what.

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