Quote:it appears all effort by Pine has ceased at that point. It seems to be a very unprofessional approach that there is no apparent rev control on this project!

If there is a new revision due next month in the works, how exactly did you arrive at the conclusion that efforts have ceased? Baffling logic.
As for documentation, information regarding getting IR and PCIe working on the early-adopter boards will be available on the WiKi later this week or early next week (in short, when I find the time to write it up and I'm traveling this weekend). About PCIe - the delay in sharing information is largely due to 1) the issue was identified recently (2 weeks ago) and 2) since it requires a minor hw mod, potential software solutions had to be considered first and this took some time.

I'm sure that updated schematics will be uploaded in the future too.

edit: yes, the second batch resolves all known issues.
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