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rock64/ubuntu start-up
(Yesterday, 11:56 AM)pas059 Wrote: In fact, as i have read that these packets are huge, i'm looking for a way to download packets then install packets, rather than download+install in one opeation. Synptics (a cool tool) seems a useful tools for doing this, but i did not see all details yet.

Not sure why exactly you want to do this, but it can be done easily in the terminal.

apt-get -d install <package>

Will download a package (and dependencies) and store them locally without installing. When you want to install, run the same command without the "-d" option, and the package will install from the local copy.
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(Yesterday, 09:04 PM)fire219 Wrote: Not sure why exactly you want to do this, but it can be done easily in the terminal.

because as my internet connection is not fast, if i need to install some packages several times (in case of flashing my eMMC again, or if i have several boards) i do not want to loose the download time x times. This is why, downloading packages and put them on an external support (like usb storage ) seems to me an interesting method. thanks for the code.


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