Raspberry Pi OneNineDesign Case "Mod"

I've bought a quite cheap (2.36 €) version of this case on aliexpress for tinkering, don't know if it's a copy or not, case looks very good and nicely polished.

In order to put a Rock64 into it, some "adjustments" were needed, mostly for the board to fit inside, but also for power and A/V jack which are weirdly shifted a bit on the right when you put the board in front of you.

here [click to show the album] are some pics of the "rough surgery" the case got.

There are still some work to do to get access to switches near the recovery one and make a hole for the IR receiver just in case.

I first use pliers to remove the big plastic part inside, then a modelling knife and a grinding tool to got a smooth finish.

(If you have any trouble accessing the album, please let me know, I upload pics on imgBB and set the permission in order anyone clicking on the link can show it)

on my side i bought this cheap case with its accesories.
I just had to do a little modification for the power supply, and 2 little holes for the switches.

Most of the modern Raspberry Pi case works on ROCK64. The only part taht may need to modify or adjust is the power supply jack hole.

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