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Linux images are impossible to download.
Git LFS at github is $5/50 GB/month after the first GB.
Anyway no one asked for an alternative so "github releases" must be good enough.
(07-04-2018, 06:32 PM)elatllat Wrote: Git LFS at github is $5/50 GB/month after the first GB.
Anyway no one asked for an alternative so "github releases" must be good enough.

I entered this thread explaining how Github works. And sticked to that. Rooted for them. I'm not offering alternatives. Github does.
I'm not the one who whinged and wrote "Github is the PITS". Something which is totally unfounded. Maybe concentrate on those people.
Well. GitHub Releases is for me the best, cheapest and right approach for releasing binaries. I don't really plan to change that. I hear that the are ocasionaly people having troubles downloading, but this is the problem of "the Internet" in general. There's so many alternatives for proxying and stuff that I don't consider this as a big issue.

I could host these binaries somewhere on my server, but this is pointless for various reasons: GitHub Releases actually shows releases, with files and changelogs. It is easy to release a new version. It is easy to annotate/promote releases, and storage, traffic, scalability, a cost. I have a tons of downloads. It is not easy to provide reliable storage for that. S3 is out of options as egress costs a hundreds of $$:

ayufan-pine64/android-5.1 =  size: 1.06 GiB downloads: 2626 traffic: 1.43 TiB releases: 2 pages: 1
ayufan-pine64/android-6.0 =  size: 13.13 GiB downloads: 5211 traffic: 7.25 TiB releases: 10 pages: 1
ayufan-pine64/android-7.0 =  size: 18.17 GiB downloads: 6557 traffic: 9.67 TiB releases: 12 pages: 1
ayufan-pine64/android-7.1 =  size: 27.61 GiB downloads: 54438 traffic: 139.20 TiB releases: 16 pages: 1
ayufan-rock64/android-7.1 =  size: 75.73 GiB downloads: 16698 traffic: 51.35 TiB releases: 38 pages: 2
ayufan-pine64/linux-build =  size: 76.83 GiB downloads: 34261 traffic: 76.09 TiB releases: 36 pages: 2
ayufan-rock64/linux-build =  size: 325.34 GiB downloads: 182331 traffic: 623.79 TiB releases: 98 pages: 4
ayufan-rock64/linux-rootfs =  size: 40.41 GiB downloads: 3477 traffic: 25.78 TiB releases: 6 pages: 1

This is the only and the best option for non-profit work.

According to https://aws.amazon.com/s3/pricing/. The total egress alone would cost: `$81344`.

There are probably the cheapest solutions out there. But this to give you a sense of scale, and what effort it takes (vs no-effort) to maintain that scale.

My monthly material costs (Jenkins, GitLab CI, build machine, storage) are around 30-40$ excluding man-power. It is fine to cover these with community donations. I still think that this is a reasonable amount and well spend give resources needed to build everything, consistently, easily, with no effort to maintain.
I don't get it what's so difficult to understand that I was NOT posting about developers and companies making large/huge binaries available to users. EDIT: Instead of "posting about", read "targeting" in the previous sentence.
I was explaining how Github works, to the person who posted "Github is the PITS" because of his failed attempts to download from Github. I was trying to get across to that person that Github's infra is possibly not suited for huge binary downloads.

I even posted that Github is very lenient towards uploading and downloading large binaries. If Github doesn't give a r.t's .ss about disk space and bandwidth consumption, why should I ?
Tigger it is not targeted towards you, so don't feel offended. I know that some people complain about stuff, and why it is used done like that. I wanted to describe exactly what it takes to create and distribute my images and why I choose that approach and not the other. Well. The short story, it did grow massively, so I need to be also considerate of my time which is more worth than material costs, but not everyone seems to understand, care and just demand Smile
ayufan, I read you, five by five. Peace man.
(07-05-2018, 10:37 AM)ayufan Wrote: but not everyone seems to understand, care and just demand Smile

Of course we'll demand... you did too good a job so we have high expectations and wants because of it! :-P

More seriously though, you have done a fantastic job, and I don't think you get enough credit for it, especially since this is more a spare time interest for you, not a paid job! Smile Smile

All hail the mighty ayufan... and don't forget to send plenty of beer money his way to loosen his resolve, and encourage further development! Big Grin Big Grin Angel

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