Linux images are impossible to download.
(06-02-2018, 10:01 AM)superpat Wrote: .......... Git hub is the PITS, Google for git hub and failing downloads and you will find numerous people complaining of the same problem from various locations.

Be fair to Github. It was never intended for, and is not suited for (large) binaries in a repo.

Binaries bloat the repo (each one is kept in the repo's history) because binaries can't be diffed by git. And each time that the binary is updated or a new one added, the repo's size is increased by that binary file's size. Code/Text files just store the diff with each update. In short the repo gets larger and slower.

And Releases at Github were meant for versioned releases of source code and, optionally, compiled programs. Not for binaries like ISOs :

The fact that repo owners use the Releases section of their repo(s) to make large binaries like ISOs available, is only indicative of how lenient Github is towards this. They could easily put a limit on the size of binaries in the Releases section and in the actual repo itself.

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